Assistance to Management

Commercial Law

The Studio has always been providing ongoing advice and assistance to entrepreneurs, in the firm belief that it is mainly in the business’s interest, in its relationships with its customers and suppliers as well as in its in-house relationships with its own shareholders, to try by all means to prevent litigation by acquiring adequate tools (contracts, forms, correspondence, shareholders’ agreements, joint venture agreements, etc.) and do all it takes to solve existing conflicts. The experience accrued over the years covers all types of typical and atypical commercial contracts as regards their preparation, negotiation, stipulation and proper execution as well as all kinds of in-house agreements aimed at governing the relationships between shareholders or partners of new commercial ventures.

Corporate Strategy

Implementing the corporate Mission, setting out its objectives and outlining its strategies: this is the daily task of any Corporate Management. In order to support this activity, the Studio has accrued significant experiences, expertise and know-how especially in the following areas: 
  • Management control and budgeting
  • Corporate organization and quality systems
  • Concessional financing
  • Generational handover and managerial development of young entrepreneurs
  • Assistance in the development of commercial networks, control tools and sales management
  • Temporary management through a network of experts to be dedicated to innovation, restructuring and re-launching projects or in cases of generational handovers.

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