Grippo Viviana

She was born in Rome on December 25th, 1973. In 1998 she was awarded a degree in Economics and Business at the University of Rome and immediately enrolled in courses with the aim of sitting for the qualifying examination as a chartered accountant and statutory auditor. In 2001 she attended the master course in International Taxation Law held by prof. Santamaria at Tor Vergata University in Rome; in 2002 she attended the master course in taxation at the Advanced School for Economics and Finance, formerly known as the Ezio Vanoni Institute. In 2003 she entered the Roll of Chartered Accountants and began practicing in Rome and later in Verona. After enrolling in the Register of Statutory Auditors she has been practicing as an auditor. She is a member of the Editorial Committee of a number of magazines published by the Euroconference spa Group and a freelance journalist and lecturer in training courses covering taxation.

She is the author of a number of articles in magazines such as ‘Bilancio Vigilanza e Controllo’ (Budget, Supervision and Control), ‘Bollettino Internazionale’ (International Bulletin) and ‘Associazione e Sport’ (Association and Sports) in addition to being the author of a weekly column in the Taxation Circular published by Euroconference and a column in the Ecnews update daily, published by the same publisher.

Specializations: tax planning, taxation and corporate consultancy, bankruptcy law, vocational training.

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