Merlini Federico

He was born in Bovolone (VR) on November 7th, 1974. In 2000 he was awarded a degree in Economics and Business at the University of Verona and immediately enrolled in courses with the aim of sitting for the qualifying examination as a chartered accountant and statutory auditor. In 2004 he entered the Roll of Statutory Auditors and began practicing. He also works as a freelance journalist.

(Co-Author) ‘LE VENDITE A PRIVATI’ (PRIVATE SALES) published by the Euroconference Group, ‘LA FISCALITÀ’ DEI TERRENI’ (LAND AND TAXATION ASPECTS) published by the Euroconference Group. ‘TUTTO IMMOBILI’ (ALL ABOUT REAL ESTATE) published by the 24 ORE Group, now in its third edition. He wrote the chapter dealing with the VAT regime covering real estate with special focus on tax on the sale of residential and instrumental properties, leasing and the reverse charge application.

Specialization: tax and corporate advice with special focus on real estate taxation.

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