Studio Impresa Chartered Accountants

Studio Impresa was established as a project in 1999 by partners who had been practicing as professionals since 1990. Today the Studio is a professional firm run by Associated Chartered Accountants supported by a consulting arm that is capable of doing business with a number of companies of different sizes which are coping with different issues. Studio Impresa is staffed by 7 partners, 4 senior advisors, 5 assistants and 11 employees.
"Contribute to the growth of Client organizations by providing
integrated professional services
and by fostering and managing opportunities of growth”
Through this mission, we offer ourselves as partners in the Client’s growth by providing consultancy and management tools:
  • to leading Italian businesses that need to grow without losing their entrepreneurial and creative spirit which has made them famous throughout the world;
  • to foreign entrepreneurs who want to invest in Italy
Every business - be it large or small, a sole proprietorship or corporation – is established in the attempt to meet, in an organized fashion, the needs and requirements of its customer base. Faced with this challenge, the entrepreneur not only works out a solution but also takes the initiative and the associated risks. In this way, he lets his talent and skills run free. He contributes in an essential and specific way to the creation of ‘value’ for himself, the people working “for” him and “with” him and all the social and economic framework in which he operates.  
We want to be alongside all entrepreneurs who create this ‘value’ by offering them our professional skills and organization.


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