Castagnetti Luca

He was born in Verona on June 2nd, 1964. In 1990 he was awarded a Degree in Economics and Business at the University of Verona. After a few corporate experiences, in 1992 he entered the Roll of  Chartered Accountants and began practicing. After enrolling in the Register of Statutory Auditors pursuant to the Decree of April 12th, 1995 he has been practicing as an auditor both as Chairman and Standing Member of the Board of Auditors in various companies (joint-stock companies, limited liability companies, cooperative companies with limited liability). As part of his professional role, he lectured in training courses covering corporate governance, finance and management control. He is a member of the Board of Directors of various companies (in the energy, insurance and social security sectors). Thanks to the skills gained, he works as an advisor in the areas of business and corporate initiatives for the development of both the community and financial sectors. He is also a freelance journalist:
Specialization: company aggregations and networks; assistance in the areas of corporate governance,  financial strategy and control; certifications as per sections 67 and 182 bis of the Bankruptcy Law, arrangement of industrial plans, corporate development and new business initiatives.
He is an expert in the creation and management of company networks: since 2009 he has been providing professional advice to over 50 aggregation projects and taken part in a number of conferences throughout Italy thus contributing to the development and sharing of cooperation experiences among businesses with a special focus on network contracts. Today he is involved in numerous network projects in the agricultural and winemaking industries in various regions of Italy.


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