Balance sheet and taxation


Tax Area
Balance sheet and tax requirements
Our balance sheet and tax requirements service aims at solving any issues associated with the drawing up of annual balance sheet and corporate issues of an administrative, tax and corporate nature. The service is provided on a yearly basis and covers our clients’ mainstream requirements.
Areas of expertise
The Studio has accrued significant experiences, expertise and know-how in the following areas:
  • Taxation and Labor Law
  • Business Accounting and Management
  • Corporate Legislation 
Operating procedures
The Studio, with a view to providing its Clients with operating methods in line with the expected quality standards, has identified the following services:
  • Check accounting books at the Studio or at the Client’s premises
  • Keep company books during shareholders’ meetings or board of directors’ meetings ensuring, if requested, the presence of qualified advisors from the Studio
  • Draw up the annual balance sheet:audit and drawing up of a draft balance sheet for the Board of Directors.Subsequently the Studio shall carry out all the other obligations required by law
  • Annual tax returns
Our service includes
  • keeping of the accounting records required by law according to the types of business carried on
  • check of documentation and allocation in accounts according to the provisions of the law and the business administration technique 
Data processing generates trial balances and reports for ordinary and extraordinary professional assistance and for subsequent tax and civil obligations tied to drawing up of the statements required for preparation of mandatory tax returns. The service is annual and covers all of the Client’s ordinary requirements for a single lump-sum fee.
Operating procedures
 The Studio, with a view to providing its Clients with operating methods in line with the expected quality standards, has identified the following procedures for providing the service: 
  • 1st Phase: identify the type of accounting and its set up. This phase, which entails our extraordinary professional assistance, identifies the type of accounting that is best suited to the Client’s professional/corporate structure. The outcome of this choice leads to the preparation of the books required to carry out the assignment.
  • 2nd phase: performance of the assignment – data processing. The Studio periodically collects the records necessary to process entries, performing consistency and completeness checks based on what was provided and then processes and inputs the data coming from the records.
  • 3rd phase:  performance of the assignment – generation of records. When checks are completed we proceed to print the mandatory ledgers and generate the tax returns related thereto. 
Periodic trial balances are provided during the year, according to procedures set out in the offer to the Client, as well as other reports coming from processing data agreed  during the offer phase.

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