For highly structured companies, a statutory audit is an important supervision tool, used by external and independent professionals, to review its management, administrative and accounting processes. Through a statutory audit the corporate communication to its external stakeholders is improved thus contributing to the favorable position of a company. 
An audit includes checking:
  • compliance with the law and the memorandum of association
  • compliance with the principles of proper administration
  • the adequacy of the company’s organizational structure as regards its responsibilities, the in-house control system and the accounting administrative system as well as the reliability of the latter in correctly representing management events
  • the proper keeping of the company’s accounts and the accurate reporting of management events in the accounting records, balance sheet and consolidated balance sheet, their matching the results outlined in the accounting records and the relevant assessments as well as compliance with the rules that govern such activities.
Areas of expertise 
The Studio has accrued significant experience, skills and know-how in the industry. Its partners are duly entered in the Roll of Auditors.
 The Studio, with a view to providing its Clients with operating methods in line with the expected quality standards, has identified the following ways of providing its services:
  •  1st phase: planning the Client’s requirements depending on the type of audit. Audit: planning activities and timeframe depending on need and the objective to be reached (opinions and expert’s reports on behalf of third parties and/or shareholders, etc.). Statutory audit: Planning the Board of Auditors’ deadlines based on obligations and timeframes required by law.
  • 2nd phase: operations will be carried out, depending on the circumstances, according to procedures set out as above, that comply, in case of a statutory Audit, with formal requirements (minutes and reports).

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